Staccato R.H. – play all L.H. notes legato

One of the earliest techniques that bass players play should focus on controlling the length and support of playing records. In music, Italian legato and staccato speeches show how much silence should be left between notes made one after the other.

The point of this bass technique lesson is first to understand the concept of legato vs staccato notes, and secondly to focus on and develop these articulations in your game.

What is Legato? What is Staccato?
The term legato (“leh-gaw-toe”) means related or combined notes. This means there is no visible silence between the two notes played one after the other. To remember legato related tools, think that your legs are related to your body.

The term stuck (declared “stuh-caw-toe”) means separate or separated notes. Staccato’s notes have space, or silence, between them. There are varying degrees of staccato records. Staccato records can range from short to short (staccatissimo). To remember what staccato means, associate it with a stop.

Notes for each swing can be played legato or staccato. Legato and staccato simply refer to whether the duration of a grading goes to the next grading note. It has nothing to do with the beginning of a note. It is about the duration of the note.