The Blue Skala is derived from a small pentatonic scale. There is another # 4. This note gives the scale a desperate feeling. This is the only difference between the Lattice scale and the small Pentatonic scale. As always, change the model into memory because we will use Pentatonic Scale, Scale Blues, and Mixolydian Mode in the next lesson. We will also use the 12 bar jersey to get ready.

Blues Scale Pattern / Intervals
Root b3 4 # 4 5 b7 Octave
W + H W H H W + H W
(W – Full Step, H – Step One)
Blues Scale Box Models
Everyone learns box patterns, but a couple are the most common. The image below is the Eb model over 12 frets. Do not spend too much time memorizing all the models 5. Model 5, which we will detail below, is the most common. It is rooted in the sixth verse, which joins some of the most common chords. Model 3 is another good thing to learn because it is rooted in the fifth verse. If you learn these two, and learn how to attach them to verses 1 and 2, you will be surprised at what you can play.

Full Model: D # Blues Scale

Soloing over 12 Blue Blues
To keep things simple, I’ll give you a simple box scale model of despair to start playing in a 12 bar bluish progression.

The Blues Scale – The model of the open position box