Hi, everyone! Matt Torrence here, also known as The Music Teacher Guy. I’ve been a private music teacher in suburban Philadelphia since 2001, and I’ve been in business for myself and fully self-employed since 2013.

My Dad taught me piano when I was just under six years of age, and in high school, a good friend of mine ignited in me a passion for hard rock and heavy metal music. We took up the guitar and the drums, and we read Wolf Marshall’s Guitar For The Practicing Musician faithfully each month, trying to learn the riffs and songs of our favorite bands. That was the beginning of my education in music theory. I tried to apply that to my saxophone playing in the school’s jazz group when it came time for me to take a solo.

After high school, and after playing in a few different garage bands, I committed myself to becoming a songwriter and to furthering my knowledge of how music works. I figured that if I had a thorough and extensive knowledge of harmony, composition and improvisation would be much easier. I also began studying the electric bass, and the first song I ever wrote, arranged, and recorded was played on local radio.

Since then, I’ve relentlessly pursued the expansion of my own musical education, and I’ve helped hundreds of my students learn and progress as well. As one of my mentors, Chuck Anderson, once wrote, “The reason to teach is to help those who’ve asked for help.” After studying music for decades, one of the things I’ve realized is that a complete familiarity with all of the intervals in music is essential for memorizing what notes exist in every chord, in every scale, and in every mode. It also makes serious analysis of melody and harmony possible. In short, if you want to be a real musician who knows what he or she is doing, you must know the intervals!

Thank you for reading this and best of luck to you in your own musical endeavors!

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