Once you have those sixth root chords, we can step in to playing chords with a fifth string root. The principle is exactly the same, but the notes are different, of course, and an additional technique is needed.


Use only the first, third, and fourth fingers as shown, and start by placing your finger first in the third trumpet of the fifth string (note C). Then lower your 3 and 4 fingers. If this is a little stretch, do not worry, you will soon be caught up! Try to keep them together, the 3rd type of finger at the top of 4 as shown below.


Note that the sixth string should not be played.

A power chord with its roots in the fifth verse will sound very bad if you forget to tear this verse. So how do you do this?

Well, we use our 1-finger tip-to print on the side of the sixth string. It is not difficult enough to make the note sound but difficult enough to stop the note coming out. See the picture and try and copy my hand position.

Some people use the middle finger to help undo the sixth string. It’s okay. to do this, but you still have to dumb with the first finger too!