‘Power’ Chords are used in most of the styles of music but are especially useful for rock guitar; they even sound cool in acoustics (see Unirvan’s Nirvana album for a terrific example). The basic idea is that you only need to learn a tuned form and that a shape can move through the keyboard to make other chords. It does not use any open range and the noises of unused open verses is a very important part of the technique.

LETS START by playing some power companies, and do the theory later

Use the first, third, and fourth fingers as shown, and start by placing your finger first in the third trilogy of the sixth string (note G). Then lower your 3 and 4 fingers. If this is a small stretch, do not worry, you will soon be caught up! Try to keep them together, the 3rd type of finger at the top of the fourth as shown.

Some people like to play two notes in verses 5 and 4 with a small finger with a third finger. It’s okay. to do this, but I think using two fingers gives you a better thumb position in the notes; you will get a better sound this way, it makes it easier to change the chords most of the time and it’s easier to get all the drowned strings of money. I strongly advise you to learn it this way, and then if you prefer to use the little grass you have the option to choose who works best in any situation!

Try to keep your middle finger relaxed just by hanging out where it feels good (shown in the top picture). Do not try and pull on thin strings; Sometimes I do this, but only when I try to show lessons in lessons